About Me!

I grew up in a small town in Texas, playing sports, going out to the ranch with my buddies, and just having as much fun as possible. Little did I know, one day I would have to grow up and become an adult. I got serious about my life, started going to the gym and eating right, and ended up losing 90 pounds. I enjoyed it so much that I got a job as a personal trainer. The fitness and health industry is truly my biggest passion. Being in the industry for so long, I realized there was a LOT more to being healthy than just eating right and working out. That's where health insurance comes into play. Personal trainers don't usually have an insurance plan through their work, so I realized I needed to find some for myself. When I started looking, I was astonished at how high the premiums were for decent coverage, not to mention the high deductibles, or adding other people to your plan.

Not only was I struggling to find good coverage that was affordable, but after talking to my clients and other people at the gym, I realized it was a huge problem for a lot of people. So, I decided to get licensed as a health insurance agent. It is my goal to help others experience what I went through emotionally, physically, and financially. With my license, I feel like I am finally able to do all three.